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Born in Jackson, Michigan, my mother taught me to read when I was four. I remember reading to my kindergarten class and living at the library, hence my love of books began.

About sixteen, I was so in awe of authors that I dreamed of giving another person the same wonder and happiness that reading gave me. So I started writing and continued reading, falling in love with Susan Elizabeth Philips, Toni Morrison, and Diana Gabaldon. I finished college getting a degree in Accounting. Then, at twenty-five, a story I was dreaming about stuck in my head and wouldn’t let go. So I started working on it and I was able to complete my first novel, Heart Stealer. It’s been a few years since that release and I working on more and decided that I wanted to stay more connected to readers with my blog and youtube.

My hope as an author is to introduce the reader to great characters that you’ll fall in love with, create a dynamic relationship is enlightening as well as realistic, and entertain you a great story that will make you think about your own life and move you emotionally.

Besides being a book lover, I am a health advocate after having health problems that left me with low energy and almost unable to function normally. My health is rapidly returning as I’ve completely change how I eat and my lifestyle to nurture the environment. I think we all have a huge responsibility to do our part.

Lastly, this site is also about my other love which is growing spiritually. I’ve worked hardest on overcoming my emotional issues and I’m eager to share any tips and help I can with the world. I hope my site to be a safe, helpful site to any one who visits.

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