How to Deal with Painful or Negative Emotions

Everyone feels pain at some point in our lives.  However, how long it lasts is up to us. I just read an article using the Buddha quote: “Attachment is the root of all suffering.” I, for one, would completely agree with this statement. What I found is that your attachment to any source of pain or negative feelings such as Continue reading How to Deal with Painful or Negative Emotions

2014 will be a great year

I’ve been away for a while learning and growing in ways that I want to express myself to the world.  I value being open and honest and I want to share more of me with readers of my blog. I am going to work in a format change (see the new theme!!!) because while I love reading and writing, that is Continue reading 2014 will be a great year

A Blessed Year

 Hi Wonderful Readers! Thanks for visiting my site and finding me! I’m so happy and excited to have readers for my first novel, Heart Stealer. I am working on the sequel, Heart Scorcher, making sure it’s right and hope to release this year (for all who are curious and sending me emails about it 😎 ).  I appreciate and love all Continue reading A Blessed Year

First Anniversary!

Well, I can hardly believe it but it’s already been one year since Heart Stealer was first published. Since then, it has sold more copies than I could’ve hoped for, and it has been lucky enough to reach number #1 on the mulitcultural fiction list. I’m so thankful to all the wonderful readers and so glad you enjoyed the book. It currently has Continue reading First Anniversary!

Martin Luther King Controversy

I’ve been hearing a lot about Martin Luther King lately because of his new monument in Washington D.C. and some flap that it isn’t all it could be from Maya Angelou. She said that his statue seemed “arrogant” when he was really a humble man and that they took some of his quotes out of context. Martin Luther King was Continue reading Martin Luther King Controversy