Book Celebration!

To celebrate the one year release of Heart Stealer, you can get a download on Amazon Kindle right now! Just hurry, this special offer ends Monday, April 30.

UPDATE: Wow, what a three-day event this has been. Not only has many wonderful writers and readers tweeted and posted on Facebook for me, but Heart Stealer was picked up by Ereader News Today, which skyrocketed the sales. Heart Stealer is currently being read by 6,000+ wonderful new readers and it reached a high of #78 on the Top 100 in Kindle Store out of thousands of books.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you. I feel blessed. :)

9 thoughts on “Book Celebration!

  1. Where is part 2… OMG I’m stuck I went straight to Amazon to buy part n it was a no show lol how long are you gonna keep us waiting? ????

    • Glups. Espero que per reviscolar (bonic mot) el Nadal en plè més de juriol/juliol no et fagi falta la bufanda, els guant i el gorro de llana. Amb el tema de la canícula no arribaries al cap d’any!

    • Be sure to check out a whole lot more of 31 day series here.  Jessica at Life as Mom is sharing 31 days of smelling the roses, and giving lots of practical ideas which I think fit in nicely with finding meaning in the

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