Martin Luther King Controversy

I’ve been hearing a lot about Martin Luther King lately because of his new monument in Washington D.C. and some flap that it isn’t all it could be from Maya Angelou. She said that his statue seemed “arrogant” when he was really a humble man and that they took some of his quotes out of context. Martin Luther King was Continue reading Martin Luther King Controversy

Great Day!

Hi all, I just wanted to thank you all for making Heart Stealer a big success for it’s first sale on Amazon. It has reached it’s highest ranking ever of #47 on the Top 100 Multicultural List. No small feat considering how many books are on Amazon. Hundreds of Thousands. Glad to report that it’s holding steady on the list thoughout the day. Yippee! I can’t Continue reading Great Day!

New Excerpt from Heart Stealer

To celebrate Heart Stealer new releases on Barnes & Noble’s Nook and All Romance ebooks, here is a new excerpt and thanks to the new readers who already purchased the ebooks! I so appreciate it and hope you enjoy! This is when Kayla lets some important information that she doesn’t want Randall to know slip. Kayla bit her lip, debating whether to Continue reading New Excerpt from Heart Stealer

What I Wish I’d Known Before Publishing

Self-publishing has been a great adventure so far, and I don’t regret doing it for a second. I’m about three months in, and I love that people have read my work and enjoyed it. Some of the best days was getting reviews back or someone saying that they really enjoyed Heart Stealer. My first great review from a reader made me cry Continue reading What I Wish I’d Known Before Publishing